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Hey guys my name is Azure Ishiwatari, I'm from Tokyo, Japan, I'm just here to hang out with some people, I play guitar, like to cook and if you want more info, just ask me
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Sparks and Flames || @amagiyukiko



Azure sees the people walking around the stores, grabbing items, singing tunes, chatting and all around having a good time “For a small town, there seem to be a lot of people here” he says rubbing his chin “Is there a sale or something”



She looked to the entrance and around the stores, many people like always that didn’t really surprise her since this is the only department store that they have in Inaba. “Yes, indeed. Well it always has many customers here and more of them on the weekend.” She nodded. “I don’t think they have a sale for now though, as far as I know.” She lost in thoughts.

"I see" he says placing his headphones on his ears again, he always hated the loudness of the mall, but enjoyed the lively hood of it. He notices how some people that walk past them wave to her with smiles on their faces "You seem quiet popular around here"

Meeting Survivors [[azurethedemon]]




"I’m Daisuke Ishiwatari, my friends call me Azure, like the color" he says pouting to his hair as he sees the bottle hit her int he face "Sorry about that. Your glasses fell and go scratched, I took them to clean them" he says giving her back the glasses and sitting next to her "You were attacked by a horde, ran out of ammo and seemed like were about to faint. Call it humanity, or what you want" he says sighing "But now it’s just you, me and whatever food we can find in this building" he says "Who are you if I may ask?"


"….Saya…Saya Takagi." She says, giving her name to the stranger she was apparently suppose to believe had saved her. Doing a mental examination she didn’t notice any painful areas. She didn’t seem bitten or raped, those were positives to the situation. 

Placing her glasses back on she sighed, now able to see properly she felt a whole lot better. It had been a little vulnerable feeling not being able to see what was around her properly. 

"You expect me to believe that you were able to save me and haul me all the way here on your own?"


Azure smiles at her as she questions him “Believe what you want to believe,  but you are safe for now, so be glad” he says placing his arms behind his head and laying back on the desk behind them. He couldn’t exactly tell her about him having demon minions and demonic powers, that would probably get her in a panic. He better try and hide it as much as he can “So, for now you and I are alone and stuck here”

Fate/Stay Night Art Book


So Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m having a bit of a problem here.

As of December, Udon Entertainment said they would be bringing the Fate/stay night Art books to the US, and they will be releasing Voume 1: Art Collection this June.


The price for said book is 29.99$ without shipping and handling. This is a god sent to many fans of the Fate/ Visual novels and the rest of the franchise. However there are problems with this.

The First Volume will be released and based on the sales of the first volume, volume 2 will be released. which is logical. I would ask you all to buy it, but here is where it gets tricky. Fate/Stay night has Eroge content, meaning that there is a section in the book that has nudity and sexual content. For which I can’t tell you ALL to buy it. So I will ask you this, under YOUR own decision, buy this book if you don’t mind the content or if you are old enough, as this books are something any fan desires. The art is beautiful and I believe even people who aren’t fans of the franchise can appreciate the book and it’s contents.

Click here to go to the amazon page with the book.

In the end the choice is yours, but I really want this book to come to the US, along with the other volumes. Thank you Very much.

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"You run and you’ll REALLY get hurt, and not by my hand" he tells her flicking her nose. He lays next to her yawning and drinking some water from a bottle "Well it stays there, I glued it with my magic, so it stays there and it’ll fall off later" he explains


She frowned at him again and pouted. “Well, stop doing that then!” Becca grumbled and then blinked in surprise as he flicked her nose. “Hey! Don’t flick my nose, you blue haired dork!” She growled and watched him drink. “Don’t glue it with your magic, take it off!”

"Hahahah well I can’t cancel spells, once I activate them, you have to wait until the effects run out" he says placing the bottle in her hand if she was thristy "Come on, it make you look like a fighter!"

Back to Zero




"It’s called gravity, you said you liked the graphics and wanted to see it" he says getting 7 bags of popcorn and soda for everyone "Besides you said George Clooney was hot, to which I teased by saying that I would go with Sandra Bullock. You got so mad you punched me and then apologized when you realized it"


"Eh! I-I did?!" Hikage exclaimed. She would do something like that too…? She didn’t It seem like she hit Azure.  Never in a million years, she would be just as violent. It must be from spending so much time with him. It looks like the person before the accident was rather an interesting person.  

Azure laughs he says petting her head “It was a momentary thing, you never do stuff like that, but I guess the way I phrased it got you mad” he says taking her hand and guiding her to the couch, where the kids pushed each other for the remote”